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Case Studies

Company: Progressive

Show: Advertising

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Chances are you have seen Progressive’s ad sitcom series on quite literally any major TV network. Selling insurance isn’t really THAT exciting but in 2007 Progressive introduced their character Flo (who you probably recognize) and changed the insurance ad game forever. Since they have introduced Flo and their now Ad Sitcom series, Progressive has achieved brand awareness like no other company and has doubled revenue from 2007 to today. Today they distribute their ad-like media on YouTube and various social channels because people LOVE their characters so much. (Plus, they made selling insurance enjoyable for consumers.)

Company: ClickFunnels

Show: The Marketing Secrets Podcast

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Founder of ClickFunnels and Host of The Marketing Secrets Podcast, Russell Brunson, is passionate about teaching brands how to create FREE value to their audience through their own show. When starting ClickFunnels Russell’s show started as a short podcast he recorded in his car on his way into work. Everyday on his 10 minute drive into the office, Russell would pull out his phone and talk about one marketing topic that he would publish as a podcast to his network. Since then that 10 minute marketing talk has turned into the more popular ‘Marketing Secrets Podcast’ with over 1,000,000 passionate fans. Since then Russell has diversified he media presence but often shares the story that his 10 minute talks were the foundation to creating his $100,000,000 business.

Shows We've Built

Company: MidWest Center For Personal & Family Development

Show: Webinars

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In 2020 during the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mental Health Clinic, MidWest Center knew they needed a way to provide care to people during scary times. Therefore we sat down with their leadership team and created a framework and process to distribute one webinar a month to whoever needed it. Through social media advertising, email marketing and just simply word of mouth, Midwest Center Webinars has achieved over 1,500 registrants and climbing. Plus, they consistently fill their appointments books with patient inquires

Company: Bear Handed Lifestyle Co.

Show: Social Media (Instagram)

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Bear Handed is a lifestyle clothing brand who is leveraging photo and short video on Instagram to attract and build their audience. The goal of each photo and video is to engage their audience with a goal to have members share their own photos with the lifestyle brand and get featured on the Bear Handed Instagram page. Over the last couple months we have worked with them to create a content plan that aligns with their new releases as well as a framework on how their travel content shoots should go. Doing this they don’t waste time or money on capturing, creating or distributing content that funnels into revenue when they have new releases.  


Company: Healthcare Management Resources

Show: Blog & Email Marketing

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Healthcare Consultants and business professionals, HMR’s mission through their digital assets is to educate independent physicians and practice owners how to start, grow and manage their business. By using very clear “checklist style” blogs and engaging email marketing campaigns. While working with HMR, they have grown their email (lead) list by 87% and looks to double that this year.

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