Digital Delivery

Website Optimization

Make your website sell.

The purpose of a website isn’t just to look good. If you have a website, and people are visiting it consistently, why not have it sell your products or services?

Optimizing a website starts with clear messaging. Stop confusing your patients and allow them to clearly understand what problem you solve in the marketplace. 

A website that sells includes:

  • ONE clear call to action
  • Text and messaging that alleviates your patients fears of working with you.
  • Context that showcases what success looks like if a patient we’re to give you their business.
  • The ONE problem you are in the marketplace to solve.
  • The mission of you and your business. What’s the bigger picture?

The process overview:

✓ Complete the Storytelling Assessment.

✓ Optimize your website based on your message.

✓ Discuss which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you want to measure on your new website.

✓ Review the data to learn how your customers are interacting with your new website.

✓ Optimize your site one last time based on how the data reads.

Have a website that sells your products or services