Digital Delivery


Webinars are a great way to get new leads.

Creating a great webinar is simple. You pick one question that you get asked often by your patients, identify the main points you want to cover in the webinar and do a deep dive on the topic during the show. From there, all your patients have to do to get clarity on their question and niche specific problem is exchange their email for your exclusive show.

How webinar shows could work:

  • Record it once and offer it On-Demand (a viewer can sign up and watch the show at anytime).
  • Do it live: set a date and time and do the webinar live in front of your viewers. (doing this allows for your viewers to ask questions after the show – Q&A)

Whatever method you prefer, an email address is required for a viewer to watch the show (Leads).

Case study

Midwest Center Webinars

In 2020 during the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mental Health Clinic, MidWest Center knew they needed a way to provide care to people during scary times. Therefore we sat down with their leadership team and created a framework and process to distribute one webinar a month to whoever needed it. Through social media advertising, email marketing and just simply word of mouth, Midwest Center Webinars has achieved over 1,500 registrants and climbing. Plus, they consistently fill their appointments books with patient inquires.



How Podcasts Can Be Promoted

Email marketing

Send out an email sequence to your contact list every time a webinar is going to come out. Increase contacts by creating a lead generator on your website.

in-house marketing materials

Hand out a postcard to your patients in advance to your show. Allow them to sign up easily by including a QR code to your registration page.

social media marketing

Create a trailer for your webinar or make graphics that clearly illustrate why people should view your exclusive show and promote these pieces of content on your social media channels.

digital advertising

Take those social media posts and turn them into ads. Promote your show to thousands of people and increase leads and interested prospects.

The process overview:

✓ Select a host or hosts.

✓ Analyze big questions that your patients are asking (what is a question you find yourself answering a lot?)

✓ Create a framework. What do you want to talk about and what main points do you want to cover?

✓ Add the meat. How can you clearly explain the main points and dive even further into the context without confusing your viewers?

✓ Build a landing page or lead generator. This is the place where people can learn more about your show and sign up.

✓ Promote the webinar to your current community (email marketing blast).

✓ Practice a couple times before you do the real deal.

✓ Smile and have fun during the show because then your viewers will too.

Want To Create a Webinar Series?

Make this an ongoing thing. The only difference between doing one show and several shows is the amount of questions you get asked and can answer. From there, you just reuse the framework and processes we have already created and you to make the additional webinars.