Digital Delivery

Video series

The video process is very simple. First we need to pick a “host(s)” to be the face of the show. Then we create buckets, or broad topics, that you want the show to be about. From there we create a video framework that each project is based off of to create some consistency throughout the series.

Lastly we create and implement a distribution, promotion, content creation plan and niche specific topics you want to cover throughout a specific time period.

how the video assets can be promoted

Email marketing

send out an email to your contact list each time a new video comes out. Increase contacts by creating a lead generator on your website.

in-house marketing materials

hand out a pamphlet or brochure to your customers with a QR code to your YouTube channel or other video distribution platform. 

social media marketing

take clips or featured images from your video and promote them to your social media community.

digital advertising

Create a marketing funnel within your digital asset strategy to attract traffic and increase brand awareness to your video series SHOW.

The process overview:

✓ Select a host or hosts

✓ Select buckets or topics to talk about. Personal Trainer buckets example: nutrition, exercise, motivation techniques.

✓ Create a video framework. (10 sec intro, three main points to cover, 20 second summary with a call to action.)

✓ Create a sub topic list. Personal Trainer Example: how to gain muscle only working out three times a week.

✓ Create videos that have a consistent flow for the host and viewer based off the framework.

✓ Distribute each asset to your current community (email marketing blast).

✓ Review the data after a certain amount of time (three months) and optimize the digital assets based on what your audience engages with the most.