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Why the Four Levels?

The market is flooded with agencies that make
digital marketing seem like some tech savvy super
power or an over complex strategy. The Four
Level Marketing Strategy was designed to:

People won't buy from brands they don't know, like and trust. Period.

The clarity call

The clarity call helps us identify your message and clearly state the main reason customers need you in the marketplace.

The clarity call framework provides us an outline on how we move forward in our marketing efforts. It is our main driver and allows us to position ourselves as the customer – to see your brand from their perspective – and as the business owner – so we can understand exactly how you want to be viewed in the marketplace.

From there we can collaborate with your leadership team to create marketing goals and the steps to get there.

all of this happens in our clarity call
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Level 1 - local search & seo

In order for customers to know you exist, it’s crucial that your brand is found high up in the search results on platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Yelp.


First we set up a data tracking software on your site.


We optimize your online listings so that they provide the same information on over 72 different search engines.


We will set up an automated review system that can be emailed out at any time asking past and current customers to review their experience with your business.

level 2 - become social

Now that you have increased website traffic, it’s time to promote your brand on platforms with over 1 Billions users daily.


We will create a social media marketing plan based on our Clarity Call Framework


We will create and post content that increases trust and provides value to your social media community.


We will manage your platforms

Discover how your business is listed online with our free scan tool.

Level 3 - nurture your prospects

We will create and deliver email campaigns and informational digital assets (blogs, videos or webinars) all with the intention of increasing trust and value between your brand and the customer.


How do you build an email list? We plan out the perfect lead generation strategy for your business so that whoever comes through your website can learn more about your brand.


Build your customer base with our lead generation strategy.


Create informational digital assets to increase trust between you and your customers.


Create and distribute email campaigns that provide value to your customers using the world’s most preferred style of communication.

level 4 - promotion

Now that you have your marketing collateral in place, it’s time to showcase your brand to a larger audience and discover which specific demographic needs your service(s)


Create a paid marketing plan by identifying the goal(s)and metrics that define success.


Test different platforms and audiences (where are your customers?)


Analyze and optimize (increase the efforts of what’s working and stop spending money on what’s not.)

You Might not Need it All

The Four Level Framework is strategically tailored to your business. Depending on your goals, you may not need it all at once. That’s why we do a deep dive assessment on your business to decide exactly what you need to reach your marketing goals.