Digital Delivery

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a show and distribution type at the same time. This show type is popular for business that value personalization.

Social media marketing is a good tactic to give your patients a glimpse of the experience your business provides and with consistent posting and messaging, they will be likely to remember your brand when they need you. (Brand Awareness)

With social media, brands have the opportunity to create their own loyal community made up of their ideal audience. Once you gain a steady following, social media gives great insights as to what your customers love about your business, and what they thing could be optimized. It’s quite literally a marketing tactic where your audience feels like their part of your brand and can give feedback without you having to ask. 

How Social Media Can Be Promoted

Email Marketing

send out an email to your contact list with incentive programs that direct traffic to your social channels. Increase contacts by creating a lead generator on your website.

In-House Marketing Materials

hand out a pamphlet or brochure to your customers with a QR code to your social media channels.

Digital Advertising

Take your top performing posts and advertise then on your social media platform. This will increase your reach to people that mirror your audience.

The process overview:

✓ Create a cadence of posts based off your main content buckets for a uniform posting schedule.

✓ Capture content in bulk (photo’s, video’s, testimonials, quotes and graphics)

✓ Schedule future posts on automated scheduling platforms like Buffer

✓ Create ONE call to action you want to direct all your postings to. This could be as simple as “visit our website.”

✓ Identify the metrics that define success (KPI’s) to know that all this work is paying off.

✓ Post and interact with your community. Social media is mean’t to be… well, social.

✓ Review the data after a certain amount of time (three months) and optimize the content based on what your audience engages with the most.