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Podcasting has become very popular in the last few years because of how easy it is to make and how accessible it is for listeners to consume the content. However, to make a podcast with a GREAT retention rate, a new creator (you) has to do something different. 

Our process for creating a podcast where your angle is different starts with answering three questions:

  • What does the host have experience in?
  • What is the ONE thing that makes your brand special in the market place?
  • Who would your primary and secondary competitor podcasts be and what is ONE thing you could do better?

Case study

The mind & wellness podcast

The Mind & Wellness Podcast was MidWest Center’s (a longtime client) first ever show. This was when podcasting was really blowing up and everyone wanted a slice of the action. The two hosts of the show each brought something to the table, one was a Licensed Therapist and the other was a Personal Trainer. The two hosts believed that the path to a fulfilling life was through careful exercise and mental health coaching. After doing market research they learned that no other podcast in the mental health space had taken this unique approach, so MidWest Center ran with it. Using Email Marketing to their list of over 13,000 contacts they quickly gained traction, referrals and brand awareness. Since the start of the show, both hosts stepped down due to time commitments, but the Mind & Wellness Podcast still adds to their thousands of listens every month.

Once we discover your unique edge and competitive market advantage, all that is left to do is stay consistent. Podcasts can take a lot of time to gain traction but they can also reap the most return in the long term.

How Podcasts Can Be Promoted

Email Marketing

send out an email to your contact list each time a new episode comes out. Increase contacts by creating a lead generator on your website.

In-House Marketing Materials

hand out a pamphlet or brochure to your patients with a QR code to your podcast or lead generator where a potential listener can opt in for notifications on when your next episode comes out. 

Social Media Marketing

take clips or featured images from your podcast and promote them to your social media community. You can also utilize social media as a place where listeners can receive MORE value like giveaways, contest, etc… The list is really endless but can be narrowed down in our planning stage.

Digital Advertising

Create a marketing funnel within your digital asset strategy to attract traffic and increase brand awareness to your podcast SHOW.

The process overview:

✓ Select a host or hosts

✓ Discover your competitive edge. The thing that would make your show different.

✓ Create a podcast framework. (two minute small talk, five main things to cover, a five minute summary, three fun quizzes and an outro)

✓ Create a sub topic list. Mind and Wellness Podcast (Fitness & Health) sub topic example: “6 things you can do to have a better day!”

✓ Record the first episode following the framework and document what you or the host should practice.

✓ Distribute each asset to your current community (email marketing blast).

✓ Review the data after a certain amount of time (three months) and optimize the digital assets based on what your audience engages with the most.

✓ Stay Consistent

Already Have a Podcast?

Having a podcast is a SUPER FUN experience. However, like many business owners we’ve worked with, we understand that managing and marketing your show can be quite the opposite. 

Podcast marketing and management is our cornerstone service. We are able to mold right into your current process, build new processes and optimize your current efforts. We truly believe a great podcast is made with an awesome host, A+ guests (if that applies to your show) and consistent marketing and messaging.

Podcast Marketing & Management

✓ Integrate your podcast into your marketing strategy and clearly understand it’s effectiveness with marketing analytics

✓ Create clear processes to run your show efficiently and effectively

✓ Written for you show notes and call to actions

✓ Promotion digital assets like quote cards and show clips done for you

✓ Done for you publishing

✓ Audio & video editing

✓ Podcast hosting (distribution on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and more)

"I just have to record the show and I'm done!"