Digital Delivery


Blogs are our most popular digital asset we offer and are a huge hit with a clients email marketing list. There are a couple different formats you can follow to create value building blog series:

  • How-to style: These type of blogs state a question, answer it in bullet points or steps and include a summary to elaborate on the main takeaways. These are shorter style blogs that are designed as a quick read (<5 min)
  • Deep dive blogs: Similar to our webinar style, you take a question you get asked a lot and do a deep dive explanation on the question. These are longer reads. (>5min)

All blogs can be written for you by a professional

How Podcasts Can Be Promoted

Email Marketing

Send out an email sequence to your contact list every time a new read comes out. Increase contacts by creating a lead generator on your website.

In-House Marketing Materials

Hand out a pamphlet to your current customers with highlights from your blog to engage their interest and include a QR code to your blog page for easy access.

Social Media Marketing

Create quote cards from your blog that illustrates what question your specific blog answers and post these digital assets to your social media community.

The Process Overview:

✓ Create topic buckets based around what your business does. 

✓ Brainstorm subtopics derived from the buckets. (Ex: Bucket: Customer service. Subtopic: How to maintain excellent customer service in an online world.

✓ Create a framework and process. How do you want every blog to flow?

✓ Do research using Google and SEO tools. Are any of these topics something people are actually searching for?

✓ Build a blog page. This is the home for all your blogs with a lead generator that allows readers to stay up to date with your newest releases.

✓ Write

✓ Promote

Optimize using our deep dive data. Clearly understand which of your buckets and subtopics people want to learn more about.